What are “micro-stresses”? How to deal with them?

Micro-stressors are day-to-day everyday things that may frustrate you. If you do not handle them well, they can burn you out. This article covers the best ways to deal with them and tips.

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With the pace of life increasing, "stress" is almost becoming part and parcel of our life. There are two kinds of stress.

1.    Chronic or long-term stress

2.    Micro-stress

Instead of throwing jargon, let me explain by examples.

Chronic or Long-term Stress: The "chronic" or long-term stress includes things such as a looming divorce and custody of children, a $ 50 million lawsuit against you, a significant health issue that can derail your life, etc. These stresses are very predictable, i.e., these don't go away in a day.

Micro-stresses: The other kinds of stresses, also called "micro-stresses," for example, your laptop malfunctioning, your kid throwing tantrums when it is almost late for school, the car in front of you not following traffic rules, missing a train when you have an important meeting scheduled, etc. These are not chronic, i.e., they don't happen regularly. But they can be as bad as chronic stress on any given day because they happen when you least expect them.

Why should you beware of micro-stressors?

Chronic stress feels like defending against a boxer in a boxing ring, you will take a few punches, but you are prepared and always on guard. Micro-stress feels like taking a punch from a stranger while you are shopping. A few every day can burn you out, have knock-on effects, and affect your peace and calm. Some of these micro-stresses are also out of your control, and there is nothing you can do, such as the car in front of you not following traffic rules.

How to deal with micro-stresses?

One way to deal with micro-stresses is to practice calm in unexpected scenarios. Below are some ways to deal with them

  • Meditation: Meditation helps in many micro-stress scenarios because, in meditation, you practice getting your wandering mind under control.
  • Take only a few things: Another approach is to fill your plate with only a few things that you can manage. Taking a few things makes your schedule more relaxed; you will still be in control even if there are slight deviations or unexpected events. You are not Bill Gates or Joe Biden, so relax and take things slowly :-).
  • Take it easy, everything for good: A third radical approach is to think everything happens for your good. We know this might sound crazy, but it is an excellent way to brush away anything you don't have control over not to affect you negatively.
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