Jeevi App Launch in India, V2 Release: Challenges, Journal, Other features

Jeevi App's launch in India, key features from the second version such as a new dedicated challenges tab, revamped journal section, many other features.

Product Updates
Happy New Year 2023 everyone!

As we start the new year 2023, we reflect on our journey to help everyone balance their lives for holistic well-being. Today, we are really excited to announce the release of Jeevi App’s second version adding a host of new features and also launching the app in India. In this article, we will highlight some of the key features that are part of the new release.

Jeevi App Launch in India

Our goal is to provide tools to empower humans to balance life and have holistic well-being. Our best approach to meet our goal is to reach more people. As India is the second largest country in terms of population, we have made the decision to launch in India, after the UK, to reach more people. Today, we are excited to launch Jeevi App second version with a host of new features in India.

Let’s dive into the new features of Jeevi App’s second version.

New Challenges Experience:  Browse, Search, Start

We believe that ‘challenges’ are a great way to engage in important aspects of your life. For beginners, ‘challenges’ are nothing but tasks/ activities related to an important aspect of your life, with a defined schedule and reminder options that encourage users to engage in key activities.

In the first version of our mobile app, the Jeevi digital coach used to suggest challenges to users based on their preferences. We realized every user is different, and many want to have a choice and pick what they like. Balancing life should be fun and not forced by Jeevi. So, we created a completely new experience for ‘challenges’ in this release with the below features.

  • separate tab for challenges
  • ability to browse challenges, know more information about each of the challenge
  • option to start a challenge, stop or restart as needed
  • robust search, filters for exploring challenges
  • ability to manually mark a challenge as done for the day

Also, we have three sections in the ‘challenges’ tab that show challenges grouped by their status.

  • Section ‘Do’ :  In this section, users can browse various challenges and pick the ones they like.
  • Section ‘Doing’: In this section, users see the challenges that they have signed up for and show the progress of the same. Users can mark the challenge as done for that day.
  • Section ‘Done’: In this section, users see the challenges that are completed by them.

See below screenshots of the ‘challenges’ tab and sections.

New Journal Section: Your private space

“I write in a journal daily. This extraordinary ritual has revolutionized my mindset, transformed my heartset, and generally influenced in my life exponentially.” – Robin Sharma

Expressing our thoughts and being grateful about the things we have in our lives is an important thing for our well-being. We have created a brand new experience for capturing your personal thoughts in the journal section.

You can capture your thoughts and where your time went and what you were grateful for on that day. We have a powerful search feature as well to look up your personal notes.  Journal is your private space to express yourself daily and reflect on them now and then for your well-being.

See below screenshots of the ‘journal’ tab.

New onboarding experience, on-screen guides

We have revamped our user onboarding experience with new messaging to keep it simple, so that users can understand the crux of holistic well-being. Also, we added on-screen guides so that users can easily understand various features of the app.  Below are screenshots of the same.

Other Technical Features

We have worked on a number of technical features that enhance the experience for users. Below are some of them

  • restore of user messages history, preferences to prevent loss of data, if app is accidentally deleted
  • new formula to compute the scores for progress bars in the home screen that considers many new factors to determine user’s engagement in a channel
  • revamped settings section with better UI
  • new loading graphics reflecting Jeevi identity
  • Many bug fixes

Download the latest version of Jeevi at below links:

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