Beat Stress, Balance Life!

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Your holistic well-being is our top priority. Period!

We believe that our users need to be empowered for balancing across all the key aspects of life to avoid stress.

Users can use the score indicator to show the status of how well they are balancing an aspect of their life.

Challenges are great way to build habits

The way we live our life is defined by our habits. They are an integral part of building a routine to balance life

Users can browse & signup for challenges, across all the important dimensions of their life. You can create your own challenges or edit existing ones to meet your preferences

AI Powered with human touch!

Our digital assistant is powered by state of the art Artificial Intelligence technologies

We have domain experts from all key aspects of human life curating the data, recommendations

No ads

Jeevi App is your private space and we want to keep it that way.

No social networking

This is your personal wellness app. No judgement, no peer pressure.

No addiction

Our metric is your well-being, not your screen time.

Manage your well-being

From anyware

Balancing life can be fun and adventurous!

Read articles, take up challenges, watch videos, track your progress, earn badges


Take up challenges in various areas to balance your life

Gain Knowledge

Read articles, watch videos to understand balance in life

Journal, Notifications

Beat Stress,  Balance Life with Jeevi App today!