The story behind Jeevi

Jeevi App is your solution for holistic well-being

January 2018

Krishna (CEO) worked in the Social Dynamics group at Bell Labs, Cambridge, focused on the topic "quantifying the unquantifiable”.

During his time at the Bell Labs, his research work involved working on various ways to measure human behaviour which is hard to track and quantify.

March 2020

COVID-19 changes the life of
co-founders and everyone in the world

It gave an opportunity for co-founders to take a step back and look at most important aspects of life like health, family, hobbies, etc.

August 2021

Returning to work and busy professional life, the team could not balance life

There are no tools/solutions in the market to empower humans to balance all key aspects of life. Most of the solutions in the market were only addressing one of the key areas but not giving a holistic view that can help balance a person’s life.

May 2022

Design & Development of Jeevi App begins

The Team embarks on the journey to start building Jeevi App, the digital coach to balance life

Nov 2022

Closed beta released

Our closed beta of Jeevi App released for testing with friends, family, and well wishers. We released the app as 'Jijjivi' with wise firefox as the mascot for wellness

Jan 2023

Jeevi App first version released

We released Jeevi App's first version in the UK, which is our headquarters. We rebrand our app from 'Jijivi' to 'Jeevi'

Apr 2023

Jeevi App next major version released

New version with revamped home screen, integration to device data, revamped challenges and many more minor updates...


At Jeevi, we continue to work on building the tools for wellness with focus on Jeevi App using advanced AI to empower everyone balance key aspects of life!

Our Vision

We believe that holistic well-being is the best way humans can live happily on this planet.

Our vision is to transform lives of busy professionals by empowering them with tools to balance their life!

We’re driven by our values

We believe in core values that define success and happiness of our customers

Privacy First
No Selling of Data
No Ads

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